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UK Dependents Visa

A UK Marriage visa or Civil Partnership visa allows a British National or a person with settled status to bring their partner to settle with them in the UK.

The applicant must be directly related to the UK citizen and have proof to support this, in order to be eligible for this visa.

Our lawyers have great experience in processing UK Dependent visas. We understand the importance of ensuring that applications are done correctly at the first instance. It is often due to technical reasons that many applications fall at the first stage, leading to unnecessary appeals and costs.

One of our highly experienced and dedicated lawyers will work with you at every stage of your application, providing updates on the progress of your application.

Duration of Dependency Visa

There are no specific limits on the duration of this visa. However, once you have IR you should not spend more than 2 years outside the country.


A UK Dependency Visa will allow you leave to enter the UK. You will be free to live in the UK without any limitations, and is not relevant to you obtaining employment.

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