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Abrahams Law benefit fraud solicitors understand that for some people who are subject to benefit fraud investigation are experiencing their first exposure to the Criminal Justice system. Abrahams Law benefit fraud solicitors take our time in understanding the a particular circumstances and issues of each client's case and to provide help, and the best legal advice throughout every stage of the fraud investigation.

Benefit Fraud investigations are more common because of a mixture of greater resources, more sophisticated IT solutions, greater co-operation between governmental departments and the austerity measures been implemented. The DWP particularly seem to be focussing upon Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and other means tested benefits whereas local authorities will focus on housing and council tax benefit. Abrahams law benefit fraud solicitors are able to provide you with the best legal team to deal with this.

Benefit Faud Investigation

A person has the right to elect Jury trial in some Benefit Fraud cases. A person can elect Crown Court trial where a Jury decides facts in relation to a Benefit Fraud case and the Judge decides on laws and sentencing. Abrahams Law benefit fraud solicitors have found in our experience show that a person is far more likely to be acquitted and found not guilty by a Jury than by a District Judge at trial.

Legal Aid is most often available for benefit fraud cases.

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