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  • Fixed Fees or Legal Aid where applicable
  • Extensive experience in all criminal matters
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Abrahams law solicitors we have a highly specialised team ready to help you if you have the misfortune to need help at the police station or at Court.

At Abrahams Law we do not judge you because you are facing a criminal offence. Anyone can find themselves wrongly arrested or in trouble with the law for one reason or another. We guarantee to deal with your case in a confidential manner, we are a firm that you can trust to provide the best representation.

We have experienced in-house solicitors and have access to senior counsel and expert witnesses if your case needs them. We firmly believe that success in criminal proceedings is based firmly on hard work, dedication and specialist preparation.

The criminaldefense team at Abrahams Law solicitors pride themselves in being able to offer sound advice at the early stages of criminal proceedings. From the initial interview to trial, the client will be kept informed of all the key elements of the trial and will be appraised of the evidence and taken through the details of the case against him/her.

The client will have the benefit of first class counsel who will assist in the preparatory stages of the case and will work with us in conference to ensure that we and the client are well prepared for any trial. We have extensive experience in dealing with cases involving:

  • Serious Fraud
  • POCA
  • Murder/Manslaughter
  • Rape/Sexual offences
  • Offences against the persons ie assaults
  • Wounding with intent
  • Theft and kindred offences
  • Trading standards prosecution
  • Benefit Fraud


We are Very High Costs Case (VHCC) accredited firm which means we can represent clients who are charges with the most serious and complex matters


There’s no need to worry about costs as we offer transparent pricing, including legal aid and fixed fees where available. We keep you up to date along the process so you know what’s happening.

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