Solicitor charged for Money Laundering

" I was charged for alleged mortgage fraud and my life was turned upside down as a professional solicitor. The team at Abrahams Law advised me from the onset and I was proven to be innocent and acquitted. Abrahams Law provided a quality of service that I will always be indebted to, and much appreciated."

Civil client in an action against the Police

"Abrahams Law represented me in my action against the Police for malicious prosecution and breaches of my human rights, Abrahams Law a voice for the oppressed. Thank you! "

Client Charged with Conspiricy to Murder

" I was charged with conspiracy to murder and had a another set of lawyers who I did not feel were upto the task. I heard of the formidable Abrahams Law team and their reputation for fighting for their clients. There was DNA evidence against me, the Abrahams Law were tenacious in how they dealt with disclosure and other complicated elements of my case.

Further they were hand in hand with one of the best if not the best councils in Oliver Blunt QC in securing my aquital. I am indebted to Abrahams Law who are simply the best!"

Abrahams Law instructed to represent a senior Metropolitan Police officer charged with Misconduct in a public office

" I was subject to regulatory and criminal proceedings and Abrahams Law provided a one stop solution for both problems, this allowed me two have one single representation in both the civil and criminal proceedings, which greatly helped me deal with the stress and trauma of both. My heartfelt thanks to the Abrahams Law team."

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