Cookie Policy

Just like most other websites, we use cookies to help us understand what you are looking for in our website, so that we can continuously improve it, and provide you with a better experience. Here, we are showing you our cookie policy, so that you understand exactly what kinds of cookies we use, and how they help us.

About us

Cookies are little text files that your browser stores on your computer and that help users like you navigate our sites easily and conveniently. They also help us identify if you have been at our site before, and track our traffic.

There are several types of cookies. A first-party cookie is that which is placed by the domain that you're visiting. A third-party cookie on the other hand, is set by a domain other than the one you are visiting. Some cookies stay on your browser even after the session ends, so that you can have a more personalized and streamlined experience the next time you visit the site. These are called persistent cookies and come with an expiry date, after which they get deleted. Other cookies, called session cookies, get deleted as soon as you close the browser.

The Cookies We Use

There are four kinds of cookies we use:

1. Remarketing
We use remarketing cookies to help us promote our ads to you at a later time, when you are surfing the network.

2. Webanalytics
Web analytical cookies identify unique users as different people, and determine if you are a new visitor, or if you have visited us before. They also measure the rate at which a request loads. Further, these cookies understand how you reached our site and like if you searched for us, or clicked on our advertisement.

3. Performance tracking
Performance cookies track how you use our website, the pages you visit, and errors that may have occurred, so that we can address them.

4. Call tracking
We use call tracking cookies to understand which of our online marketing strategies led you to call our number. Using tracking numbers, we manage to understand what ad you clicked on and what keywords referred you to us.

Managing Cookies

By continuing to use our website, you're agreeing to allow us to place cookies on your computer so that we can continue analyzing the way our users navigate the site and improve accordingly for your benefit.

If you do not want to accept all these cookies, you can block them or manage them in your browser. Depending on the kind of browser you're using, the option to manage cookies is often under the Settings, Tools or Options menu. Disabling cookies might affect the performance of our website during your session, and prevent you from getting the full experience. You can always delete your cookies using the browser's settings, after you close the session.

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