Advocates and Barristers giving expert representation in the Courts.

We have advocates / Counsel that have many years of experience who can provide representation of the highest level from the magistrates to the higher courts including the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

This means that we can represent you from the Police Station to the highest Court in the land, the Supreme Court.

We realised that this brought significant benefits to our clients, including continuity of representation and improved access to their Barrister / solicitor advocate, and so we developed expertise in this challenging legal area.

We also know which Chambers to go to if ever we need to employ a particularly specialist barrister on an unusual issue.

We work very closely and have instructed some of the best Barristers and Queens Counsel in the country. Please see below some but not all of the Queens Counsel that we have recommend and work with.

What Queen’s Counsel and other barristers have to say about Abrahams Law.

Oliver Blunt QC

Orlando Parnell QC

Bitu Ballah QC

Andrew Webster QC

Martin Hicks QC

Richard Butcher

Caroline Haughey

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